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Our Signature Racket

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Our Signature Racket

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We’ve tested hundreds of rackets. We’ve measured bounce, material compositions and surface treatments. Through it all, we’ve questioned every detail – to finally land at: PLAY TWO. With a unique combination of shape, design and material, we aim to strike the perfect balance between strength, speed, and forgivingness. It’s the first of its kind, and I hope it will up your game forever.

The product design

Seven degree perfection

The shape is custom engineered to strike the perfect balance between the center of gravity and the responsiveness of the sweet spot. It uses a smooth mathematical 7 degree curve, optimised for a cleaner and more defined resonance in the strike surface - meaning a much bigger chance of those amazingly smooth hits.

The materials

All in on carbon

After testing all different materials on the market we decided on a combination of 100% carbon frame and a Carbono 3K impact surface. It might not tell you that much, but it’s close to magical with the stiff frame and the slightly softer strike surface.

The heart

Anti vibration

Our signature heart design cuts off high amplitude/low frequency vibrations before they migrate down into the handle and your arm. Why? More gentle to the human body and less fatigue arms.

The edges


You don't want the racket to act like a flying wing in motion, so we designed the edges sharp to create a non-laminar airflow - letting you cut through the air like a Jedi lightsaber when you swing it.

The hole pattern

Finding the sweet spot

The centered hole pattern design with mini holes in the middle provides more (sandy) grip surface between the holes for extra spin control.

The hole pattern

The strike surface

Spinning with sand

The strike surface of the racket is equipped with a rugged sand finish for better control and spin when you want to show off your control game.

The sound effect

Hear all your hits

We've created a unique shape and construction of the racket that not only feels good, but sounds good when you hit it right. Use the sound to your advantage - improving your own game and collaboration with your padel partner.

The sound effect

The leash

Smoothing the leash

We’ve redesigned the butt cap to recede deeper inside the handle, minimising the bending which leads to less shaving of the skin on your precious wrist.

Don't take our

word for it

Founder of NK Sport


The PLAY TWO definitely brings some fresh air into the world of Padel. The minimalistic design, choice of material, refined and eye-catching bright details, and sophisticated mid-tones, create the perfect balance between sleek, fun, and performance.

Marketing @ ClassPass


"Really great intermediate racket 🔥 Love the control it gives which makes it easy and fun to play with. Feels like the perfect balance between power, precision and control"

Padel Coach


"The PLAY TWO is well balanced, quick in sudden movements, has amazing control and at the same time is very stable when it hits the ball. I also really like the clean design."